There's a new scary clown in town and his name is Pennywise. The success of IT has been truly remarkable and it has propelled the Stephen King adaptation into mainstream pop culture in a big way. If you were to ask someone to name a famous scary clown prior to the release of IT, there's a good chance they might have said The Joker. So why not have the two famous, murderous clowns fight one another? One particular fan thought it was a good idea and has made a teaser trailer showing us what that might look like.

The video comes to us from the Mightyraccoon YouTube channel and is billed as "Pennywise The Dancing Clown against The Clown Prince Of Crime!" The Joker vs. Pennywise video takes its inspiration from the Batman: Arkham video games version of Joker. At first, we see The Joker laying in what looks to be an empty warehouse or basement. We can hear all of the thoughts swimming around in his head. Harley Quinn. Batman. Everything he's ever obsessed over. When he finally comes to, he looks up to see none other than Pennywise, revealing his big, creepy smile as some signature red balloons rise above his face.

That's it. The video really is a teaser in the true sense of the word. We see no actual conflict between the two famous, terrifying clowns, but it's all set up. Pennywise does everything he can to get to the root of what his victim fears. Hence, what we hear going on in Joker's head. But does The Joker actually fear anything? Could Pennywise find a way to get to someone so utterly demented? This trailer doesn't answer those questions, but it is something that would be very fun to explore in a longer video.

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In reality, this is a crossover we are never going to see happen, but we can't say it would be a terrible business decision. IT has already made more than $400 million worldwide, which has obliterated anyone's most wild expectations. As for The Joker? The best Batman movies, specifically The Dark Knight, have featured the Clown Prince of Crime and have also done big business at the box office. Not that this could ever happen, but can you picture Heath Ledger's Joker and Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise on screen together for even a single scene? How amazing would that be? At this point in time, we would have to settle for Jared Leto, unfortunately.

Even if we aren't going to ever see this terrifying and entertaining mashup happen for real, we're going to see plenty of these clowns individually. IT: Chapter Two has already been put on the fast track and is expected to hit theaters in 2019. Warner Bros. is currently working on a Joker origin movie, in addition to more appearances from Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad 2 and the Joker and Harley Quinn spin-off movie. Be sure to check out the Joker vs. Pennywise trailer for yourself below.

Ryan Scott