Earlier tonight, screenwriter Max Landis made his Comic-Con debut to promote his upcoming series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, which will debut on BBC America on October 22. This will be Max Landis' first foray into television, after making a name for himself as the writer of movies such as Chronicle, American Ultra, and many more, but, during the panel, he revealed a very unique movie project that he's working on for Warner Bros. The writer revealed during his Comic-Con panel that he's also writing an animated movie based on the beloved character Pepe Le Pew.

Very little is known about the project, but Deadline reports that Warner Bros. enjoyed Max Landis' pitch on the material. It isn't known if any producers are attached to the project, or if the studio has a director in mind to tackle this project. If this does move forward into production, it would mark the first animation project Max Landis has worked on.

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After writing a number of short films, along with episodes of Fear Itself and Masters of Horror, Max Landis made his feature writing debut with the surprise hit Chronicle, which earned $126.6 million from a $12 million budget. He went on to write the scripts for last year's American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein. He made his directorial debut with Me Him Her earlier this year, and he also wrote Mr. Right, starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell.

Pepe Le Pew was created by Chuck Jones and voiced by legendary voice actor Mel Blanc. The character was loosely based on writer Tedd Pierce, a writer and self-styled "ladies' man" who reportedly always assumed that his infatuations were requited. The original cartoons featured Pepe Le Pew perpetually seeking his one true love, but not having any luck whatsoever. We'll have to wait and see how this story will change for the big screen.

Max Landis also wrote a script for the Power Rangers movie, but he isn't credited on the project anymore. He also recently sold a massive sci-fi project entitled Bright, which Netflix committed $90 million to, including $3 million for Max Landis' script alone. We're not sure when more updates about this Pepe Le Pew movie will be released, but stay tuned for more details.