One exciting project coming to Disney+ that is not Star Wars or Marvel related is their Percy Jackson series. Author Rick Riordan has provided an update recently to his blog, highlighting a recent trip he took to Los Angeles to continue moving forward with the series. Riordan announced last Spring that he would be producing an adaptation of his beloved YA series involving demigods and mythical creatures. Now, it seems like everything may be coming together.

"So where are we? Well, if I haven't been giving you updates as frequently as you'd like, that's just because there is really nothing new I can announce yet. We continue to work behind the scenes, however, on many fronts at once, and everything is still moving forward. The big piece we are concentrating on now is finding the perfect director to join our team."

Rick Riordan listed the four main requirements for a director of this series. These requirements are: Are they available? Are they able and willing to work with young actors? Are they someone the folks at Disney can get excited about and feel confident about? Are they someone who knows, loves, and understands the Percy Jackson source material? Riordan mentions that finding a director is the last step before they can get really going in every aspect of the show. However, he did say that the pilot episode is already done.

"The pilot script is all set, however, and the season outline is in good shape. I cannot stress enough what a huge "win" that is, and it really did take the better part of fifteen months to get there," Riordan wrote."When this series moves forward (fingers and toes crossed, of course) I am confident it will be the show we've been waiting for."

Riordan's optimism is refreshing especially for fans of the books who were disappointed with the films. The first film, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, underwhelmed many, both book and non-book readers. Many criticized that the movie itself changed so much from the book that they were almost two different things. While it performed fine at the box office, the second film, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, flopped hard and the series was never finished. Percy Jackson & The Olympians is a five-book series that has only had two adaptations so far.

The book series is massively popular and a film or TV adaptation has tons of potential. The series follows Percy Jackson who discovers he is a demigod (half-God, half-human). He is the true son of Poseidon, God of the sea, and enters a world where there are others like him. This series has a chance to become the next Harry Potter. In fact, the first Percy Jackson film is directed by Chris Columbus, the same director of the first two Harry Potter movies.

With Rick Riordan attached to the project, the Disney+ series should be what many have been waiting for. Not much is known yet about the series but the Illuminerdi did reveal that the series will be eight episodes. It's time to bring some redemption to this series.