Five official photos from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters give us a first look at Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth Chase), and Brandon T. Jackson (Grover), who all return from Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief, along with new cast members Leven Rambin (Clarisse LaRue), Douglas Smith (Tyson the Cyclops), and Stanley Tucci (Dionysus). The story, adapted from Rick Riordan's best-selling novel series, follows Percy and his friends on a quest to find a golden fleece, which is integral to saving a magical tree that protects his home, Camp Half-Blood. Take a look at these photos, along with captions from Thor Freudenthal and Logan Lerman.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Photo 1
Director Thor Freudenthal spoke about how Percy and Annabeth's relationship has blossomed: "They are the best of friends. There is deep affection, but they are not a couple. You don't know until the end where the relationship is really headed."
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Photo 2
Leven Rambin's Clarisse LaRue, pictured between Douglas Smith's Tyson the Cyclops and Brandon T. Jackson's Grover, becomes an ally to Percy in this sequel, according to the director: "This is the first movie we meet Clarisse. She goes from camp rival to unlikely ally to Percy."
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Photo 3
Thor Freudenthal reveals Percy, Annabeth, and Grover have to take covert measures to complete their mission: "They basically have to sneak out of their own camp."
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Photo 4
Logan Lerman revealed it's easier to play Percy Jackson this time around: "It's nice to go back to a world having a knowledge and a background in this kind of stunt work."
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Photo 5
Stanley Tucci's Dionysus, the God of Wine, is not allowed to drink anymore as punishment, according to Thor Freudenthal: "Zeus punished Dionysus by not allowing him to drink and that makes him incredibly frustrated. Stanley Tucci does a great comedic take on it."

Logan Lerman also added more about the familiarity of his character.

"It's fun to go back to your old shoes once again and play around. And it's always fun to have a sword in your hand, especially when you're doing scenes which involve fighting monsters. I'm still a kid. I love doing that stuff. I'm a little more comfortable with the sword. We need it since there are bigger monsters. If you're going to make a sequel you gotta scale it up a little bit."

Director Thor Freudenthal also spoke about the promiscuous nature of these Gods.

"Those Greek gods really got around. They were kind of dysfunctional partying drunkards: living first, thinking later."

While nothing has been set in stone yet, there are five books in Rick Riordan's novel series, which means there could be a third Percy Jackson movie in the near future. If it happens, Logan Lerman is more than happy to return.

"It's a nice change of pace from doing some drama. If called again, I would grab my sword and run right into battle."