Witness a whole new look at filmmaking on DVD...

The Perfect Witness is slated for a February 19 release date. The disc will be priced at $28.98 SRP. The film stars Wes Bentley and Mark Borkowski.

This action-packed psychological thriller takes you into the twisted depths of brutality at its worst. As a struggling young filmmaker, Mickey (Wes Bentley) accidentally stumbles upon a notorious serial killer, James Lemac (Mark Borkowski), and catches one of his murders on film. Believing he can capture the ultimate reality show, Mickey contacts and offers him an ultimatum: the killer is either the subject of his documentary or the grotesque murder footage goes straight to the cops. What follows is an exhausting and psychological game of cat and mouse between filmmaker and subject. As the lines of blackmail continually shift back and forth, Mickey must ultimately confront the darkest side of not only the killer's nature, but his own.

No special features details were released.