Back in February, we reported that Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern) signed on to write the screenplay for the Perry Mason big-screen reboot. Today, we have an update from the screenwriter, who revealed he intends to stay true to the original character.

"The thing we're always talking about is it has to be true to the nature of the character. We're not going to force in action that doesn't belong in the movie. It's a different kind of movie than Perry Mason. We're taking a much more character-based approach. It's a courtroom drama so it's a different animal. The courtroom stuff is part of what makes Perry Mason Perry Mason, but there's also a lot of the movie that takes place outside the courtroom."

We first reported on the project back in October 2011, when Robert Downey Jr. came on board to produce and star in the remake, which will be set in the 1930s. Here's what the writer had to say about the actor-producer's hands-on involvement.

""Here's the thing. He's a producer on the movie as well as a star in it, so his involvement with the script is a lot more intense. Typically he'll get a script and then improv through. Now the improv is built into the recipe because he's giving notes on the script and we're talking out story and what not. So I think it's pretty important, especially since we're also recreating this character, this well-established character and Robert's got very specific ideas as to how he wants to play him and who he wants that guy to be. I also think that while Robert is known for improv'ing a lot, there's still a lot of work the writers on the scripts that he's worked on have done."

It isn't known when production will begin on this new remake. The character first debuted in the novels of Erle Stanley Gardner, which were adapted into the popular 1950s TV series Perry Mason starring Raymond Burr.