The Good

A great show continues to find its way to DVD.

The Bad

Only half a season and not a hint of extras.

One again Paramount Home Entertainment sees fit to bring us Perry Mason: Season 2, Vol. 2. While this is only half a season, I think that fans of this show will be more than happy to have more cases to watch. Sure Perry won all but one (I think) in his illustrious career, but for some reason I never find myself tiring of watching everything that Raymond Burr brought to this character. From his rich delivery, to his way of dispensing facts, to the ease with which he always sent DA Hamilton Burger (William Talman) packing, Perry Mason is the kind of show that probably raised enrollment in law schools throughout the world.

Some of the more notable episodes in this 15 episode set are "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop" which finds an adopted girl accused of killing her real grandfather. Then there's "The Case of the Howling Dog" which has Perry wondering how death looks in the eyes of a canine. Lastly, "The Case of the Spanish Cross" sees Mason striking one for the youth team when he helps a JD deal with his legal problems.


No extras came with this release.


Full Screen Format. The black and white look of this show is stunning. While I don't know if Paramount spent a ton of time cleaning things up, I will say that they did a fine job releasing this 4 disc set. As this show plays on KDOC daily, I had the chance to compare how it looked on these DVDs vs. how it plays on that station. These shows look airy and almost analogue in nature. However, on DVD everything is very solid with the blacks and whites contrasting very nicely.


Dolby Digital - English Mono. The audio for this release was also quite good. I had to turn turn things a little less than halfway up, however they stayed quite level and solid sounding over all 4 discs. There isn't anything too amazing that Paramount has done here with the audio, it's not like it gets into the characters heads, but I am not sure that it really needs to. Something as on the surface as this show is really doesn't need any more help.


With a brownish, gold motif over this entire slipcase cover, we get misleading color photos of Burr and others all over it. The back gives us some black and white shots of this show, a quick description of what Legal Eagle Mason has to contend with and some technical specs. All four discs are stored in two slim cases, all of which contain more artwork and information about the episodes on them.

Final Word

Despite being upset at the lack of extras and the fact that Paramount has only given us half a season, I can't help but love this show. Call me someone who wants the past to return, but there is something black and white (both literally and figuratively) about what this show has to offer. As far Perry Mason goes, the stories are always right in front of our eyes. We know where we and the characters stand and this makes watching the show truly enjoyable. At the same time, there is just enough nuance and other goings on to add a bit of ambiguity to the proceedings. Burr was simply brilliant as Mason and his supporting cast is just as solid.

In addition to my praise of the way this show looks, I think that the writers must also be credited. It is amazing that this men were able to churn out episode after episode on a weekly basis, but these guys did this for 9 years. That alone makes Perry Mason: Season 2, Vol. 2 worth taking up shelf space in your collection.

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