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Untitled Tron Legacy Sequel May Bring Back Jeff Bridges

Tron: Legacy writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis also revealed that David DiGilio's first screenplay draft is complete.

Brian Gallagher

Tron: Uprising TV Series Details

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis reveal the 10-episode series will take place between Tron and Tron: Legacy.

Brian Gallagher

Ouija Story Details

Screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis reveal it will not be so much of a horror movie as an adventure tale.

Brian Gallagher

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis Talk Tron: Legacy

The former Lost writers discuss the process they went through to write the upcoming, long awaited sequel to the classic '80s film.

Jami Philbrick

Lost Writers Set Up Once Upon a Time at ABC

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis' new project blends sci-fi, mystery and fantasy in one series.

Brian Gallagher

Tron: Legacy Interview with Adam Horowitz

The former Lost scribe discusses his screenplay work on the highly anticipated sequel to the fan-favorite sci-fi film from the '80s.

Jami Philbrick