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Star Trek Into Darkness Scotty and Carol Marcus Featurettes

Simon Pegg and Alice Eve offer new insight into their characters for this upcoming J.J. Abrams directed summer sequel.

B. Alan Orange

Star Trek Into Darkness Carol Marcus Character Poster

Alice Eve portrays the potential love interest to Captain Kirk in director J.J. Abrams' sci-fi sequel, in theaters May 17th.

Brian Gallagher

Alice Eve Defuses Star Trek Into Darkness Khan Rumors

The actress was interviewed at this years BAFTAs and revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch will not be playing the iconic villain.

Harout Harmanian

Star Trek Into Darkness Viral Website Revealed

Actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve also speak about their characters in director J.J. Abrams' upcoming sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Star Trek 2 Behind-the-Scenes Photo with Alice Eve

The actress is spotted in costume on the recently wrapped J.J. Abrams sequel.

B. Alan Orange

The Raven Masquerade Ball Photos with Alice Eve and John Cusack

Edgar Allan Poe is swept up in a murder mystery revolving around his own iconic works of fiction in this thriller from director James McTeigue.

B. Alan Orange

Men in Black III Photos Introduce Jemaine Clement and Alice Eve

We also get our first look at The X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger in Barry Sonnenfeld's upcoming 3D sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Star Trek 2 Begins Principle Photography in Los Angeles

J.J. Abrams directs this franchise sequel, coming to theaters May 17th of 2013.

B. Alan Orange

ATM Trailer

Josh Peck, Alice Eve, and Brian Geraghty star in this thriller about a simple ATM stop gone horribly wrong.

Brian Gallagher

Star Trek 2 Adds Alice Eve

The actress is in talks to play a character new to the Star Trek universe the J.J. Abrams' sci-fi sequel.

Brian Gallagher

The Raven Photo Featuring Alice Eve

John Cusack stars as Edgar Allen Poe in director James McTeigue's murder mystery, in theaters March of 2012.

B. Alan Orange

Superman Wants Viggo Mortensen as General Zod

The actor is currently trying to work out his schedule so that he can also star in Snow White and the Huntsman.

B. Alan Orange

Men in Black III Adds Alice Eve

The actress will play a younger version of the MIB agency head portrayed by Emma Thompson in the present day timeline.

B. Alan Orange

Superman Brings Back Ursa as Its Villain?

Zod's right-hand woman is rumored to be in the film, and Lois Lane is returning as well.

B. Alan Orange

Superman Decides Between Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike

Warner Bros. is looking for its leading lady to star opposite Henry Cavill's Man of Steel, and it's not Lois Lane.

Cat Parker

The Raven Adds Luke Evans and Alice Eve

They join John Cusack in the Edgar Allan Poe-centered period thriller directed by James McTeigue.

Cat Parker

Alice Eve Circling X-Men: First Class' Emma Frost

The She's Out of My League actress is in talks for the role.

Brian Gallagher

Alice Eve in The First Avenger: Captain America?

Apparently the actress is the "front-runner" for the role of Peggy Carter.

Evan Jacobs