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Ridley Scott Open to Harrison Ford Blade Runner Reunion

The director is meeting with writers to hash out the story, and will bring in Rick Deckard if it makes sense.

B. Alan Orange

Harrison Ford Not in Talks for Blade Runner Follow-Up

Producer Andrew A. Kosove shoots down rumors that the actor will return as Rick Deckard in this untitled sci-fi project.

Brian Gallagher

Blade Runner Screenwriter to Be Announced Soon

Producer Andrew Kosove also reveals that they are targeting a director for the Point Break remake, but won't reveal who it is just yet.

B. Alan Orange

Point Break Remake Announced!

Alcon Entertainment will release the film through Warner Bros., with Kurt Wimmer set to write the screenplay.

B. Alan Orange

Christopher Nolan Wanted for Blade Runner Sequel or Prequel

Producer Andrew Kosove is also open to having original director Ridley Scott come back to helm the continuation of this iconic sci-fi classic.

B. Alan Orange

Blade Runner Sequel Details

Andrew A. Kosove and Broderick Johnson reveal the challenges ahead of them in building off the original 1982 sci-fi classic.

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