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C. Thomas Howell Boards Magic Hour

The indie crime drama follows a young man who falls in with the local crime family in Venice Beach, Ca.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Terror Experiment Blu-ray Clip

C. Thomas Howell, Judd Nelson, and Robert Carradine discuss mind control in this clip from the Blu-ray and DVD due out April 10.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Moves to New York for Last Month of Shooting

Actor C. Thomas Howell says that this impending Marvel reboot will be bigger and better than the original.

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C. Thomas Howell Confirms the Lizard for The Amazing Spider-Man

The Southland actor also gives more information on his own character, saying Spider-man saves his son.

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C. Thomas Howell Talks Spider-Man

The actor calls his role in Marc Webb's upcoming reboot poignant and important to the story.

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C. Thomas Howell's Role Revealed in Untitled Spider-Man Reboot?

The actor's reps say he will portray a character named "Ray" in the Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone-starring reboot.

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Spider-Man Adds C. Thomas Howell

The Southland regular has not yet revealed who he will play in Marc Webb's Marvel Comics reboot.

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