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Danny Huston Joins Big Eyes for Director Tim Burton

Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams star as Margaret and Walter Keane, who rose to prominence in the 1950s with their paintings of large-eyed children.

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Toni Collette and Danny Huston Join Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho

Michael Stuhlbarg and Michael Wincott are also in negotiations for Sacha Gervasi's tale about the making of this horror classic.

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Eight Wrath of the Titans Photos with Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson

Edgar Ramirez, Rosamund Pike, and Danny Huston are also shown in this latest look at Warner Bros.' upcoming 3D sequel.

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Eric Bana and Danny Huston Become Elvis & Nixon

Actor Cary Elwes will make his directorial debut with this drama about Elvis Presley's famous White House meeting with Richard Nixon in 1970.

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EXCLUSIVE: Magic City Adds Olga Kurylenko and Danny Huston

Series creator Mitch Glazer reveals new cast members including Seymour Cassel for his upcoming Starz program about Miami in 1959.

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Medallion Adds Danny Huston

Nicolas Cage and Malin Akerman star in this thriller about a man trying to find his kidnapped daughter.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Warrior's Way Cast Interviews

Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston and Dong-gun Jang discuss their exciting new martial arts western.

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The Warrior's Way Character Posters and Photos

Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston and Dong-gun Jang's characters are revealed in these new images from Sngmoo Lee's latest movie.

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