Latest 'Dwayne Johnson' News

Three Faster Clips

Dwayne Johnson's Driver squares off with a preacher, a shady businessman and Billy Bob Thornton's 'Cop' in this trio of new videos.

Faster Rampage Trailer

This new 'fan-made' trailer features Dwayne Johnson taking his place as the latest in a long line of cinematic action stars.

Second Faster Clip

Dwayne Johnson is on the run from the cops in a high-speed getaway after a botched bank job in this new action-packed thriller.

Faster Trailer Is Here!

The full-length trailer for the upcoming Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson flick is here.

Official Faster Poster!

Dwayne Johnson portrays a man seeking vengeance for the death of his brother in George Tillman Jr.'s high-octane action flick.