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Producer Emma Thomas Talks Bane, Catwoman, and The Dark Knight Rises

More insight into whom these villains truly are is revealed in this look at Christopher Nolan's final Batman adventure.

B. Alan Orange

Superman Solely in the Hands of Zack Snyder

Christopher Nolan has passed the project onto him completely, and will not collaborate with Snyder creatively.

B. Alan Orange

Superman Considering Darren Aronofsky to Direct

Zack Snyder, Tony Scott, and Matt Reeves are all still possible candidates for this Christopher Nolan produced Man of Steel reboot.

Brian Gallagher

UPDATE: Superman Eyeing Zack Snyder, Tony Scott, and Matt Reeves to Direct

Producer Christopher Nolan is hoping to start production soon, and is also looking at guys like Jonathan Liebesman and Duncan Jones.

B. Alan Orange