Latest 'James Cameron' News

James Cameron to Make Avatar 4 Instead of Battle Angel

The filmmaker dissolves his development arm and will no longer produce other people's films, focusing only on Panadora and documentaries.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron to Make Battle Angel After Avatar Sequels

The director believes his Pandora sequels will 'do more good' than Battle Angel for the global audience.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron Wants Terminator 5 to Focus on the T-800

The Avatar director consults with Arnold Schwarzenegger on this upcoming sequel.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron Considered Reshooting Titanic Due to Factual Errors

The filmmaker discovered several factual errors in the years after its original release, including how the ship actually went down.

Brian Gallagher

DeepSea Challenge James Cameron Featurette with Mariana Trench Dive Footage

The Avatar director made history earlier this week by becoming the first person to reach the Earth's deepest point in 50 years.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron Reaches the Ocean's Deepest Point and Sets New Solo Dive Record

The Avatar director set a record today, diving 6.8 miles deep into an undersea valley outside Guam.

Harout Harmanian

Titanic 3D Conversion Featurette

Director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau discuss the lengths they went to for this 3D conversion, which sets sail in theaters April 4.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron Announces 3D Documentary DeepSea Challenge

The filmmaker is teaming up with National Geographic to explore the deepest point on earth, the Mariana Trench.

Brian Gallagher

Titanic 3D Italian Poster

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet return in this restored re-release of the 1997 hit film directed by James Cameron.

B. Alan Orange

Arnold Schwarzenegger May Voice Animated Terminator 3000 Feature Film

A concept art title treatment for this animated feature has been revealed; the film will look like James Cameron's Avatar.

B. Alan Orange

Keanu Reeves' Side by Side Trailer

The actor talks to a wide variety of filmmakers about the evolution of film to video cinematography in this new documentary from Chris Kenneally.

B. Alan Orange

Avatar 2 Release Pushed to 2016 Says Jon Landau

It was previously believed the highly-anticipated sequel would hit theaters in 2014, with Avatar 3 to follow in 2015.

Brian Gallagher

Titanic 3D Featurette

James Cameron takes audiences through the process of re-releasing this timeless classic, in theaters this April.

B. Alan Orange

James Cameron Talks Fantastic Voyage Remake

The producer says the 20th Century Fox project is about two thirds of the way through development.

Cat Parker

Titanic 3D Footage Q&A with James Cameron

Producer Jon Landau is also on hand to show eight 3D scenes from the 1997 blockbuster, and discuss the reasoning behind its conversion.

Brian Gallagher

Avatar 2 and 3 Details Revealed in James Cameron Dateline Interview

The director is writing the second and third films together, and reveals that he is creating new planets for this franchise.

B. Alan Orange

James Cameron Talks Return of Sigourney Weaver in Avatar 2

The director comments on Sigourney Weaver's continuing role as the deceased Grace Augestine in the upcoming sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Avatar Becomes a Walt Disney Parks Attraction!

Construction will start in 2013 on this unique Walt Disney World exhibit, being built within its Animal Kingdom park.

Brian Gallagher

James Cameron to Shoot Avatar 2 at 60 Frames Per Second!

The director says the higher frame rate will make for a better 3D image in this Pandora-set sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Avatar Universe Gets Franchise Branding from Kathy Franklin

James Cameron hires the President of Franchise Development at Lightstorm to take his property across all platforms and markets.

B. Alan Orange