Latest 'James Marsden' News

Third Hop Trailer

James Marsden stars as a man who befriends an Easter Bunny voiced by Russell Brand in this Universal Pictures comedy.

Brian Gallagher

Patrick Wilson and James Marsden in Talks for Loft

Belgian director Erik Van Looy will direct the indie thriller for Anonymous Content.

Cat Parker

Second Hop Trailer

New photos from this upcoming comedy featuring Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny have also been released.

Brian Gallagher

Modern Family: Slow Down Your Neighbor Sneak Peek Featuring James Marsden

The actor guest stars as Mitchell and Cameron's mysterious new neighbor in the upcoming episode airing January 5.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Cast Interviews

Bette Midler, James Marsden and Christina Applegate discuss the new family film.

Jami Philbrick

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Chris Rock & Tracy Morgan Find Death at a Funeral

Danny Glover, Luke Wilson and Regina Hall join the two outrageous comedians to discuss their new remake of the famous British comedy.

Jami Philbrick