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EXCLUSIVE: Jason Eisener Talks V/H/S/2

The Hobo With a Shotgun director makes one of six terrifying shorts in this horror anthology sequel, currently available on VOD and in theaters July 12th.

Brian Gallagher

V/H/S/2 Slumber Party Alien Abduction Poster

Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisner is behind this segment of the horror anthology sequel, in theaters July 12th.

B. Alan Orange

Jason Eisener Heads to Blatant Violence High

The Hobo with a Shotgun director will follow-up his cult hit with this martial arts movie based on the video game Vigilante.

B. Alan Orange

The ABCs of Death Announces Full Director Lineup

Xavier Gens, Nacho Vigalondo, and Ti West lead this international all-star team of directors for an anthology featuring a kill for every letter of the alphabet.

Brian Gallagher

The ABCs of Death Teams 26 Horror Directors

The directors team for a short film compilation based on each letter of the alphabet.

Cat Parker

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Eisener Talks Hobo with a Shotgun

Rutger Hauer stars in this bloody Grindhouse spin-off about a vigilant yeg, in theaters May 6th.

B. Alan Orange

Hobo with a Shotgun Illegal Download PSA

Two hackers learn why they shouldn't pirate the latest Grindhouse thriller from director Jason Eisener.

B. Alan Orange

Second Hobo with a Shotgun Poster

Rutger Hauer violently blasts his way through Jason Eisener's Grindhouse spin-off.

B. Alan Orange