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Daughter of Smoke and Bone Lands Producer Joe Roth

Universal Pictures is behind this fantasy adaptation about a young art student who is sent across the world to collect bizarre artifacts.

Brian Gallagher

Snow White and the Huntsman Planned as a Trilogy Says Joe Roth

The producer is aiming for an immense, Lord of the Rings type of storytelling for Universal's new version of the classic fairy tale.

Brian Gallagher

Sony Gets Peter Pan Begins

Channing Tatum stars in this look at the origins of the original Lost Boy, who is now brothers with Captain Hook.

B. Alan Orange

Channing Tatum Attached to Peter Pan Begins

Billy Ray will write and Joe Roth will produce this upcoming adventure, which recounts the origins of the first Lost Boy.

B. Alan Orange

Rupert Sanders to Direct Snow White and the Huntsman

Evan Daugherty is writing this clever new spin on the old fairytale, which offers the Huntsman a substantial new role in Snow White's destiny.

B. Alan Orange