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Joss Whedon Discusses The Avengers

The director is very candid regarding the high expectations for this film.

Evan Jacobs

The Avengers Female Character and Plot Details

Joss Whedon says Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow will be the only female Avenger but other popular female characters will appear in the film.

Brian Gallagher

SDCC 2010: Watch the Visionaries Panel with J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon

Watch the much-talked-about EW panel with these visionary filmmakers.

Brian B.

SDCC 2010: Watch the Joss Whedon Experience Comic-Con Panel!

Check out what the newly appointed director of The Avengers had to say about his new and old projects.

Brian B.

SDCC 2010: Joss Whedon Is Directing The Avengers!

It's official! The director confirms the rumors himself at this year's Comic-Con.

Brian B.

Mysterious Firefly Reunion Photo Means...?

A new photos bubbles to the surface online photo of Joss Whedon and the cast of the cult show.

Cat Parker

Joss Whedon Also Rewriting Captain America: The First Avenger as Well?

It seems the new director of The Avengers is doing a polish on the script.

Brian Gallagher

Joss Whedon in Final Negotiations to Direct The Avengers

It seems Marvel Studios has made their choice on who to direct their superhero ensemble film.

Brian Gallagher

Joss Whedon and Peter Sollet in the Running to Direct The Runaways?

This Marvel Comics adaptation is said to be The Breakfast Club with superheroes.

B. Alan Orange

Joss Whedon on the Short List to Direct The Avengers

The director has a strong history with Marvel Comics.

Evan Jacobs