Latest 'Keanu Reeves' News

Akira Loses Keanu Reeves

The actor has passed on the role of Kaneda, although Warner Bros. insists the project is still in development.

Brian Gallagher

Akira Wants Keanu Reeves for Kaneda

The actor hasn't been offered the role as of yet, although it is said that talks with Warner Bros. are going well.

Brian Gallagher

Robocop Eyes Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp

Jose Padilha will direct this MGM reboot about a Detroit cop who is resurrected as a cybernetic crime fighter.

Brian Gallagher

Bill & Ted 3 to Write the Song That Saves the World!

Keanu Reeves confirms that the first draft of the script is only six weeks away from being finished, and that it will tie into the ending of the last sequel.

Brian Gallagher

47 Ronin Starts Shooting March 14

Carl Rinsch will direct Keanu Reeves and Hiroyuki Sanada in this 3D tale about Japanese warriors who seek vengeance for their master's death.

Brian Gallagher

Matrix 3D Sequels Rumor Not True

A rep for Keanu Reeves has denied the actor and the Wachowski's are working on a two-picture script.

Cat Parker

Two Matrix 3D Films in the Works?

It is rumored that Keanu Reeves and the Wachowski's have completed work on a two-picture script that might be in 3D.

Cat Parker

Keanu Reeves Wants Werner Herzog to Direct Bill & Ted 3?

Sequel talks intensify as Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter meet with original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon to hash out a solid story idea.

B. Alan Orange

Keanu Reeves Headlines Generation Um

Bojana Novakovic and Adelaide Clemens also star in this coming-of-age indie set in New York City.

Brian Gallagher

Keanu Reeves Joins Passengers

A love story set in the future in outer space.

Cat Parker