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Kim Cattrall Slams Sara Jessica Parker Over Sex and the City Drama

Kim Cattrall Slams Sara Jessica Parker Over Sex and the City Drama

Sex and the City 3 is not happening, but it's not because of Kim Cattrall's alleged diva behavior.

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Monica Velour Blu-ray Clip

Brian Dennehy and Dustin Ingram discuss the immanent future in this look at Keith Bearden's poignant comedy, on Blu-ray and DVD August 16th.

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EXCLUSIVE: Kim Cattrall Talks Meet Monica Velour

An aging porn star befriends a star-struck fan in this poignant comedy from director Keith Bearden, in theaters Friday.

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EXCLUSIVE: Sex and the City 3 Probably Won't Happen in Lieu of a Prequel

Actress Kim Cattrall says that a prequel is in the works, but that she doubts she will ever return to play Samantha Jones again.

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CONTEST: Win Meet Monica Velour Prizes

We're giving away a $100 American Express gift card and a theatrical poster signed by Kim Cattrall, who stars as an aging porn star in this indie comedy.

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Monica Velour Clip

Kim Cattrall stars as a washed-up porn star who befriends one of her biggest fans in this irreverent indie comedy.

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Jeremy Irons and Kim Cattrall Board The Treehouse

The actors join director Lajos Koltai's project set in pre-World War I Germany.

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Monica Velour Poster

Kim Cattrall and Dustin Ingram star in this comedy about a teen who befriends and 80s porn star after discovering she's fallen on hard times.

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