Latest 'Mark Wahlberg' News

Bait and Switch Hooks Mark Wahlberg

Universal Pictures has acquired Matthew J. O'Neil's action-comedy spec script for Wahlberg to produce and possibly star in.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: The Fighter Blu-ray Boxing Featurette

Learn how the fight sequences were choreographed for this upcoming David O'Russell drama, on Blu-ray and DVD today.

B. Alan Orange

The Fighter 2 Won't Lead to Further Sequels Says Mark Wahlberg

The Oscar-nominated actor revealed he doesn't want to turn the acclaimed film into a Rocky-like franchise.

Brian Gallagher

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Do The Fighter 2

The actor hopes to follow Mickey Ward's trilogy of fights with Arturo Gatti in this proposed follow-up.

Brian Gallagher

Ted Adds Giovanni Ribisi

Seth MacFarlane directs Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in this tale of a grown man and his teddy bear.

B. Alan Orange

Contraband Set Photos Featuring Mark Wahlberg

Lukas Haas is also on the New Orleans set for this remake about an ex-smuggler who returns to the illegal trade.

Brian Gallagher

Mark Wahlberg Confirms He Is Nathan Drake in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The actor also confirms that Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro are on board for David O'Russell's video game adaptation.

B. Alan Orange

Mark Wahlberg Eyes The Raven

Based on Ricardo de Montreuil's short film about a man being chased around downtown Los Angeles by robotic police drones.

Cat Parker

EXCLUSIVE: The Fighter Cast Interviews

Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo discuss their new boxing-themed drama, which is based on a true story.

Jami Philbrick

David O. Russell Talks Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The director offers new details about this upcoming video game adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg.

B. Alan Orange

Mark Wahlberg Enters Broken City

The actor plans to shoot this neo-noir thriller next year, with Allen Hughes directing.

B. Alan Orange

Mark Wahlberg Confirmed for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The actor will portray Nathan Drake, while Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci may also star in this video game adaptation as well.

Brian Gallagher

Mark Wahlberg Not Starring in The Crow Remake

The actor will instead be starring in the Seth MacFarlane comedy Ted, about a man whose childhood teddy bear comes to life.

Brian Gallagher

Mark Wahlberg in Final Talks for Ted

Seth MacFarlane's feature directing debut about a grown man whose cherished teddy bear comes to life.

Cat Parker

The Crow Eyeing Mark Wahlberg

The actor would take on the role of Eric Draven, originated by Brandon Lee in the 1994 original.

B. Alan Orange

Mark Wahlberg Eyes Ted

Seth MacFarlane's R-rated comedy about a man whose CG animated teddy bear gets in the way of adult life.

Cat Parker

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg Talk The Other Guys!

The two actors join Eva Mendes on top of the Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angeles to discuss their new buddy-cop comedy.

Jami Philbrick

Mark Wahlberg Focusing on the Entourage Movie

The producer talks plans, potential scenes, and a cameo appearance.

Cat Parker

SET VISIT: Hitting the Streets of New York with The Other Guys!

Director Adam McKay joins Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg for a hilarious look at their upcoming summer action comedy.

Julian Roman

Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson Are Putting Together a Female Focused Comedy for HBO

It looks like this new show will not be centered around Hollywood.

Evan Jacobs