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Stoker Letters to India Viral Site Reveals New Photos

Oldboy director Chan-wook Park takes on this tale of a young girl who becomes infatuated with her mysterious uncle, in theaters this March.

B. Alan Orange

Matthew Goode Joins Stoker

The Watchmen star will play Mia Wasikowska's mysterious uncle, who shows up after her father's death.

Brian Gallagher

Crooked House Adds Julie Andrews and Gemma Arterton

Matthew Goode and Gabriel Byrne have also joined the cast of this Agatha Christie adaptation about the murder of a multi-millionaire.

Brian Gallagher

Superman Eyes Matthew Goode for Clark Kent?

According to a new rumor, Zack Snyder hopes to turn Superman into a CG-enhanced character ala The Green Lantern.

B. Alan Orange