Latest 'Mel Gibson' News

BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will Thor Bring the Thunder This Weekend?

Or will Jump the Broom and Something Borrowed combine its romantic comedy powers to form an evil box office foe?

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: The Beaver Cast Interview Featurette

Anton Yelchin joins director/co-star Jodie Foster for a look at this upcoming Mel Gibson drama, in theaters this Friday.

Ryan J. Downey

The Beaver International Poster

Mel Gibson stars alongside director Jodie Foster in this comedy about a man who finds a new purpose in life with a hand puppet.

Brian Gallagher

Three The Beaver Clips

Jodie Foster makes her directorial debut and stars alongside Mel Gibson in this tale about a man who reinvents himself with a hand puppet.

The Beaver Trailer!

Mel Gibson gets cozy with a hand puppet in this new drama from Jodie Foster.

B. Alan Orange

The Beaver Photo Featuring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster

Director Jodie Foster gets a spring 2011 release date for her drama, with a trailer coming on Friday.

B. Alan Orange

Liam Neeson Replaces Mel Gibson in The Hangover 2

Neeson will play a Bangkok tattoo artist at the request of A-Team co-star Bradley Cooper after Gibson was banned from the set.

Brian Gallagher

Mel Gibson Joins The Hangover 2

The troubled actor will cameo as a Bangkok tattoo artist in Todd Phillip's upcoming comedy sequel.

B. Alan Orange

Mad Men Offers Mel Gibson a Comeback Role!

The embattled actor has met with series creator Matthew Weiner about a potential guest-starring arc in Season 5.

Brian Gallagher

Could Lethal Weapon 5 Reboot Mel Gibson's Career?

The actor is rumored to be meeting with Joel Silver about reprising his role as Martin Riggs.

B. Alan Orange