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Megan Fox Quit Transformers 3 Over Michael Bay's 'Verbally Abusive' Behavior?

A new story sheds some new light on the actress' departure on the sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Michael Bay to Shoot Scenes for Transformers 3 at Kennedy Space Center

These scenes will be shot in September.

Evan Jacobs

Transformers 3 to Start Production July 4th in Chicago

Michael Bay talks about the seven-week shoot.

Cat Parker

Michael Bay Explodes Onto Reality TV with One Way Out

The filmmaker will produce a new show that is "a game with no rules."

Brian Gallagher

Michael Bay Does Not Want to Upconvert Transformers 3 to 3D

"Right now, it looks like fake 3D," the director states.

Evan Jacobs

Michael Bay Gives Big Transformers 3 Update!

The director reveals new details about the sequel's production.

Brian B.