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Sleeping Beauty Comedy Coming from Producer Neal H. Moritz

Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller are writing the screenplay for this modern-day rendition, that portrays the title character as a stalker.

Brian Gallagher

Starship Troopers Remake Moves Forward

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz will pen this franchise reboot from producer Neal Moritz.

B. Alan Orange

The Red Star Lands at Warner Bros.

Neal Moritz will produce this comic book adaptation about an alternate Russia with advanced technology and magical elements.

Brian Gallagher

Columbia Pictures Expands Deal with Producer Neal H. Moritz

The producer behind Battle: Los Angeles and Fast Five will stay with the studio for three more years.

B. Alan Orange

Total Recall Remake Gets Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid!

Producers confirm recent casting rumors. Len Wiseman's reboot will be closer to the Philip K. Dick book the original Total Recall was based on.

Cat Parker

SDCC 2010 EXCLUSIVE: The Green Hornet Cast and Crew Interviews

Seth Green and Christopher Waltz team up with director Michel Gondry for a look at this upcoming super hero thriller.

B. Alan Orange

SET VISIT: The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Part #1

We visit the set of Sony's new super hero film based on the classic character from radio and TV starring Seth Rogan.

Jami Philbrick

Seth Rogen Attempts to Premiere The Green Hornet Trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The comedian/actor tries to present the trailer to his long awaited super-hero movie on the popular late night talk show.

Jami Philbrick

Sam Mendes No Longer Directing Preacher

Producer Neal H. Moritz revealed the director left after landing the James Bond 23 directing gig.

Brian Gallagher

Ryan Reynolds to Join the R.I.P.D.

Producer Neal H. Moritz reveals who will star in the upcoming film.

Brian Gallagher

Mattel to Develop New Toy Lines and Movies Simultaneously

A new story reveals a new alien story will be the first toy line/film.

Brian Gallagher