Latest 'Paul Giamatti' News

Win Win Trailer

Paul Giamatti stars as a lawyer who moonlights as a wrestling coach in Thomas McCarthy's new drama.

Brian Gallagher

Win Win Poster

Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and Melanie Lynskey star in Thomas McCarthy's new feature about a lawyer and high school wrestling coach.

Brian Gallagher

Robert Pattinson to Headline Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg is directing an adaptation of Don DeLillo's futuristic thriller.

B. Alan Orange

The Hangover 2 Adds Paul Giamatti

It isn't clear what role the actor may have in Todd Phillips' comedy sequel, which is being shot in Thailand.

Brian Gallagher

Too Big to Fail Recruits James Woods and Paul Giamatti

Edward Asner and William Hurt also to star in HBO's TV film about the Wall Street meltdown.

Cat Parker

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti Join Farragut North

Chris Pine might also join this film which George Clooney is set to direct.

Brian Gallagher

Paul Giamatti Joins K Blows Top

Tom Hanks will executive produce this project.

Evan Jacobs

Bubba Nosferatu Updates from Paul Giamatti

The actor reveals he'll, 'break my spine in half' to get the film off the ground.

Brian Gallagher