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Real Dredd Director Finally Confirmed by Karl Urban

Real Dredd Director Finally Confirmed by Karl Urban

Dredd star Karl Urban has exposed the fact that Pete Travis didn't really direct the cult favorite movie.

Ryan Scott

EXCLUSIVE: Pete Travis Talks Dredd 3D Blu-ray

The action-packed comic book adaptation is available in stores now.

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Pete Travis Not Directing Dredd 2; the Director Remains Hopeful for a Sequel

Writer Alex Garland and star Karl Urban have a trilogy in mind for this under-seen comic book adaptation.

B. Alan Orange

Dredd Trailer Preview!

10-seconds of footage reveal our first look at this upcoming comic book adaptation before the full trailer launches tomorrow, June 21st.

B. Alan Orange

Dredd Director Rumors Debunked

Director Pete Travis and writer-producer Alex Garland shoot down rumors that Travis was fired from the production in a joint statement.

Brian Gallagher

Dredd Loses Director Pete Travis

Writer-producer Alex Garland is now overseeing the film in post-production after heated creative arguments arose between the director and studio executives.

Brian Gallagher

Dredd Photo Finds Karl Urban in Full Costume!

The helmeted law-enforcer offers a look at his comic book inspired appearance in this latest image from the Pete Travis adaptation.

B. Alan Orange

Pete Travis to Direct Judge Dredd in 3D

Alex Garland wrote the script based on the UK comic.

Cat Parker