Latest 'Robert Downey Jr.' News

Marvel's The Avengers Banner

Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth assemble in costume for Marvel's ensemble.

The Avengers Full-Length Trailer!

The first full-length look at Joss Whedon's epic Marvel superhero adventure has arrived, featuring Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey jr.

The Avengers Storm New York City Videos!

The Avengers Storm New York City Videos!

Most of the cast, including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Scarlett Johansson, face off against Loki on the streets of the city for this upcoming Marvel epic.

The Avengers D23 Footage Details!

Two scenes are revealed: One featuring Nick Fury facing off against Loki, the other has Tony Stark threatening Loki with Hulk.

Iron Man 3 Eyes Shane Black

The director is not a sure thing, as Marvel Studios looks for other writers and directors to fill the spot left open by Jon Favreau.

Gravity Loses Robert Downey Jr.

Sandra Bullock is reportedly locked in for the female lead role in Alfonso Cuaron's drama about two astronauts trapped in space.

Second Due Date Trailer!

Five character posters also arrive featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis as they set out on their 2236 mile journey home.