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EXCLUSIVE: Death Race 3: Inferno 'Race Prep' Clip

Luke Goss returns as Carl Lucas, aka Frankenstein, in this latest scene from the action-packed sequel, available on Blu-ray and VOD now.

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EXCLUSIVE: Femme Fatales: Angel & Demons Clip

Two detectives go on a hunt for the elusive Grim Reaper serial killer in Cinemax's latest episode, premiering Friday at 11pm.

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EXCLUSIVE: Tanit Phoenix and Darin Scott Talk Femme Fatales: Haunted

The sexy host and her director discuss the new episode of this Cinemax anthology series, which airs tonight at 11 pm.

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EXCLUSIVE: Femme Fatales Clip

We also have three new photos from this Cinemax anthology series debuting Friday, May 13th.

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Wonder Woman Tanit Phoenix Audition Video

Diana Prince has a problem with her Wonder Woman doll's breast size in David E. Kelly's upcoming adaptation of the popular DC Comics superhero.

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EXCLUSIVE: Death Race 2 Cast Interviews

Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix discuss the brand new prequel to the classic racing film.

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Tanit Phoenix to Star in Femme Fatales

Cinemax's first scripted series featuring a different noir story each episode.

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