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Tim Allen Did the Unthinkable on Disney's Santa Clause Set

Tim Allen Did the Unthinkable on Disney's Santa Clause Set

Tim Allen proved to be a very bad Santa while shooting Disney's beloved Christmas classic The Santa Clause.

Kevin Burwick

Toy Story of Terror! Trailer

The Toy Story gang is back for their first Halloween special, which finds Woody and Buzz spending the night in a terrifying motel.

B. Alan Orange

Toy Story of Terror 30-Minute Special Comes to ABC Halloween Night

Check out the first photo from this 30-minute Halloween special featuring the original Toy Story cast, including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

B. Alan Orange

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Board Jungle Cruise

Disney is reuniting the Toy Story 3 actors for a live-action project based on the Magic Kingdom ride.

Brian Gallagher

Tim Allen Returns to ABC for Comedy Pilot

Created by Jack Burditt, the pilot centers on a middle-aged man trying to survive in a world where females have the upper hand.

Brian Gallagher

ABC Acquires Man Up for Tim Allen

Allen will return to the small screen in this project about a man fighting to reclaim his manhood.

Brian Gallagher

The SUNDAY FUNNIES: James Cameron Hates Piranha 3D and Taylor Lautner Lawsuit Updates

We also take a look at the obscure celebs who turned down Dancing With the Stars and a collection of business cards from movies and TV.

Brian Gallagher

Tim Allen Under Contract for Toy Story 4

The actor locked to play Buzz Lightyear yet again if Disney and Pixar decided to make a fourth.

Evan Jacobs