Another cult classic from the vault of 90s horror movies is getting a new home video release, as Pet Sematary II will soon have an all-new Collector's Edition Blu-ray courtesy of Shout! Factory's horror label Scream Factory. On the brand's social media accounts, the official artwork for the Blu-ray has been revealed, depicting the resurrected version of the sequel's killer dog Zowie. The Pet Sematary II Blu-ray has also been given a release date for Feb. 25 of next year, with pre-orders already live on the official website. Better yet, the first 500 orders of the movie will come with an exclusive limited-edition 18" by 24" print of the Blu-ray's illustration, making it even more of an awesome collector's item for horror fans.

This new Collector's Edition Blu-ray for Pet Sematary Two will also come loaded with many bonus features. Of course, this includes the brand new artwork from artist Laz Marquez, though the reverse side also contains the original theatrical artwork used for the movie. Other exclusive extras are said to be in the works with more details yet to be announced on a later date. However, it's also made clear director Mary Lambert is "on board and very excited about the release," so it appears she will be involved with the project in one way or another. As a Scream Factory Collector's Edition Blu-ray, the movie is also guaranteed to come with a slipcover for the first three months after its release.

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Pet Sematary Two serves as a direct sequel to the original 1989 Pet Sematary, which was also directed by Lambert. It follows veterinarian Chase Matthews (Anthony Edwards) and his 13-year-old son Jeff (Edward Furlong) moving to Ludlow, Maine following the death of the family's matriarch. When Jeff's new friend Drew (Jason McGuire) witnesses his abusive stepfather Gus (Clancy Brown) shooting his dog, the teenagers burial the animal in the Mi'kmaq burial ground with the hopes of bringing her back. Unfortunately, while the dog does return, she's clearly not the same canine she was before, and things only get much worse from there. Just as the Creed family had done before them, the Matthews' quickly discover that, sometimes, dead is better.

Like many horror movies of its era, Pet Sematary Two was met with mixed reviews, though it has since managed to establish itself as a beloved cult classic. While it had no involvement whatsoever from Stephen King, the sequel does have a certain charm to it with plenty to appreciate. Clancy Brown's performance as a zombified Gus is one of the more underrated horror movie performances of the 1990's, and this alone definitely makes the movie worth a watch. Some brutal kills and an eerie atmosphere also help make Pet Sematary Two a rather entertaining sequel.

The Pet Sematary Two Collector's Edition Blu-ray will be released in North America on Feb. 25, 2020. With its awesome artwork and exclusive extras, it's going to be a must-have collectible for big fans of the cult classic horror movie. You can find out more information about the release and pre-order your copy now from Shout! Factory. This news comes to us from Scream Factory on Facebook.

Pet Sematary Two Collector's Edition Blu-ray cover art