Paramount Pictures is looking to bring back the 1989 horror classic Pet Sematary with a new remake.

1408 screenwriter Matt Greenberg recently turned in a draft to the studio and it is said that Paramount is currently seeking a high-level director for the project. The studio declined comment on the development of this new Pet Sematary remake.

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The original 1989 Pet Sematary starred Fred Gwynne and revolves around a family that moves to a sleepy Maine town, where they bury their dead son in a supernatural pet cemetery that brings him back to life with dire consequences.

The movie is based off the book by Stephen King, who has become a hot commodity in Hollywood once again. A franchise is being built around his novel series The Dark Tower at Universal. And we reported earlier this week that an adaptation of his novel The Stand is moving forward at Warner Bros.

No production schedule for this updated version of Pet Sematary was revealed.