"Sometimes dead is better." The first trailer for Pet Sematary has arrived, and it's even scarier than the original as it takes the Stephen King classic to a higher ground. One man with a shovel turns his small town into a terrifying nightmare in a new take on the legendary book from the master of literary horror. Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer direct this thriller, which looks like another hit in the Stephen King canon.

Paramount Pictures dropped the Pet Sematary official teaser poster yesterday, and it offers up some iconic imagery as Dr. Louis Creed heads towards the cursed burial ground with his shovel. Last week, we got the first images from the thriller, which showed off the cast as well as doomed feline Church the cat. Now, along with the trailer, it appears that this take on Stephen King's book is sticking to the basics. And that's a good thing.

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Horror is experiencing a new renaissance at the local cinema, even if a lot of the movies making it big at the box office are remakes or reimagenings. Riding this wave is Stephen King and his vast body of work. Fans are hungry for the material, which has resulted in a number of reboots, originals and even TV series that prove there is a ferocious appetite for this stuff.

Last year's IT proved to be a monster hit, becoming the biggest horror movie in box office history. Pet Sematary is hoping to continue to ride that success, and it looks to be achieving its goals. The tale remains intact as Dr. Louis Creed relocates his wife and two children from Boson to rural Maine only to discover that Semi trucks move pretty fast down the road in front of their otherwise seemingly perfect house. This is a drastic change from their previous lifestyles, but Creed and his family are determined to see it through.

Soon after his arrival in this new town, Louis is alerted to a mysterious pet burial ground in the woods by creepy neighbor Jud Crandall, who maybe knows a little too much. When the family pet succumbs to a very nasty accident, Creed goes against Crandall's warnings and decides to bury the family pet. This sets off a terrifying daisy chain of events, and a frightening new evil rears its ugly head with horrific results.

Stephen King saw his iconic horror novel turned into a movie once already in 1989. He even appeared in that version. While the thriller has accumulated many hardcore fans over the years, many believe it is not a true representation of the author's bone searing tale. Now, this new Pet Sematary hopes to live up to modern movie standards in bringing the story back to the big screen for a new generation.

Directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch are perhaps best known for their indie horror favorite Starry Eyes. Jason Clarke stars in the movie as Dr. Louise Creed, with Amy Seimetz playing his wife Rachel. The great John Lithgow takes on the iconic horror role of Jud Crandall, and he appears to be an inspired choice judging from the footage in this first sneak peek from Paramount Pictures. Get your fingers ready, you're going to want to hide your face. This is truly scary.