With Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer's remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary hitting a theater near you this Thursday night, do you think we really need yet another trailer for the film? I guess the powers that be behind the scenes over at Paramount sure seemed to think so as that is just what we have for you guys here today. Dubbed the "Final Trailer for Pet Sematary" you can check it out below. For all of you guys still reading and not just jumping ahead to the trailer, let me lay out what you can expect to see go down once you hit play.

The whole thing kicks off with new Louis Creed (played by Jason Clarke) giving his young daughter Ellie (played in this adaptation by Jeté Laurence) a bath. All seems to be going swimmingly, and Clarke moves on to brushing her hair. It's at this point that Clarke feels something just under the blanket of brown hair and pushes it aside revealing a string of gnarly staples holding the back of his daughter's skull together. The little girl then proceeds to tell the story of how - at her birthday party - their dirty, resurrected kitten Church lured her out into the road where a big-ass truck ended her life. At least for a few days.

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But speaking of the infamous Orinoco truck that has a habit of splattering the Creed clan's mugs across the state line, this new trailer showcases one interesting development about Kolsxch and Widmyer's remake. The event is that in this new version, the truck sees the little girl standing out in the middle of the road and the driver swerves out of the way, missing the small child by inches... only for the massive metal container the truck is hauling to snap loose and smack Ellie full-force in the face. Ouch. From there the trailer shows us mostly footage we've seen before. Give it a watch if you please or just skip it and see the whole shebang in a theater near you this Thursday night.

Kolsch and Widmyer (Starry Eyes) direct this new version from a screenplay written by Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train, The Prodigy) based on a story by Matt Greenberg based on the 1983 novel by Stephen King (IT, The Shining). Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers), Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones), and Mark Vahradian (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) produced this remake.

Clarke and Laurence's co-stars include Amy Seimetz as Rachel Creed, John Lithgow as Jud Crandall, Hugo and Lucas Lavoie as Gage Creed, Obssa Ahmed as Victor Pascow, and Alyssa Brooke Levine as Zelda Goldman. Christopher Young provides the movie with its sure-to-be haunting score, Laurie Rose handles the film's cinematography, and Sarah Broshar edited the flick. Di Bonaventura Pictures is behind the motion picture which will be distributed into a theater near you by Paramount Pictures on April 5, 2019. This final trailer for Pet Sematary comes to us via Paramount Pictures' official YouTube channel.