According to Dark Horizons, Actor/Director Peter Berg (The Rundown, Friday Night Lights) is getting a lot of notice for his directing work and next up for him is Splinter Cell, a film based on the Tom Clancy video game. Today in an interview with Moviehole, he spoke about his upcoming projects.

For Splinter Cell, Berg says he wants mold a good actor into an action star, rather than simply pluck someone renowned for action movies out and place him in the lead role. Still, Berg says it's too early to decide who should play the role. He does like one guy in particular though - Mark Wahlberg he seems to hint at. In terms of the accuracy of the book -

"Next week I'm going to DC to talk with Tom Clancy and Porter Goss, the new head of the CIA. [It's] very exciting".

Berg is also working on a film with fellow Director Michael Mann, director of Collateral, which Berg had a small acting role in -

"The thing with Michael Mann is called The Kingdom, about an American FBI agent who goes to Saudi Arabia to investigate a bombing".

Berg was also rumoured to be attached to a film titled Hip Hop Cops, but he says,

"I have nothing to do with that. That was something that was reported on IMDB and I have nothing to do with it".