Universal Studios recently invited a handful of bloggers to visit the San Diego docked USS Sterett to talk to acclaimed action director Peter Berg about his upcoming board game adaptation Battleship. It was recently revealed by our friends over at Latino Review that the main protagonists in the film would be aliens. This, or course, sparked a bit of controversy. What was already considered a lofty project suddenly became a little more dubious in its intentions. That's why Berg wanted to clear the air with those trouble rousing bloggers. Here are the details that were offered up by Berg himself to set the record straight about his film:

  • Battleship will revolve around a small fleet of American and Japanese ships that have become separated from the rest of the Navy. When an alien army arrives on Earth to build a bridge, its up to this small fleet of naval soldiers to defeat them and their plans.
  • - The aliens are known as "The Regents". They do not pose an immediate threat to human kind. They are just looking to help themselves and save their species. Our Navy officers provoke them, and thus, chaos ensues.
  • - The Aliens will be a mix of CGI and human actors.
  • - The Aliens don't come packing superior technology. Their weapons will be on par with what the US Navy currently has. This will be a fair fight, and the main gist of the storyline will follow the game in that the aliens and humans spend a great deal of time searching for each and trying to sink their respective ships.
  • - It's official. Someone will utter the iconic phrase "You sunk my battleship!" At some point during the film.

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You can read a full transcript of the Peter Berg interview at Latino Review. Peter Berg's Battleship is set to launch on August 11th, 2011.