Director Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh continue their financial support of the West Memphis Three investigation, even after the men have been set free, because they are still viewed as guilty under the law. The third documentary Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, will cover how they came to be finally released from prison, after being convicted in 1993 of brutally slaying three cub scouts in what was believed to be a Satanic sacrifice.

"The ongoing work will focus on proving the convicted men's innocence, as it always has," says Peter Jackson's manager, Ken Kamins. He adds that the investigation will include "evidence testing and further investigation which will hopefully lead to the unmasking of the actual killer." RELATED: Metallica Filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky Passes Away at 58

"When Peter and Fran got involved, they had to decide how to best serve the case," Ken Kamins says. "Damien Wayne Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Miskelly had great public advocates in Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Henry Rollins, Paradise Lost, and everyone else who was raising money and bringing public attention to the case. Peter and Fran, therefore, decided to put their attention into funding and spearheading DNA work, hiring forensic and other experts, plus extensive private investigations into all aspects of the case."

"Because Peter and Fran's role required a very close relationship with the defense lawyers, in particular Damien's team, they have always respected and understood that their role had to be of a confidential nature. They have worked very closely with a number of Damien's attorneys and over the years they have become close friends with Damien and [his wife] Lorri. They have always believed that if they could get Damien free, Jason and Jessie would benefit too."

"This work is ongoing," says Ken Kamins. "Peter and Fran are heavily involved in ongoing investigations, and the release of the guys is far from the end of the story."