King Kong: Peter Jackson, who is to direct the remake of the upcoming fantasy flick, King Kong, recently spoke to The Dominion Post about his vision for the film...

"I'm interested in (King) Kong being quite stylised and the jungles of Skull Island I want to be very over-the-top, like a jungle from hell. I imagine we are going to be more successful pulling that off in the studio or in a back lot than we are trying to find a beech forest in the South Island". RELATED: Godzilla Vs. Kong Final Battle Statue Unveiled and It'll Demolish Your Wallet

There would be some small amount of location shooting, and Australian actress Naomi Watts is likely - "The contract still had to be sewn up, "but it's looking okay. She got really excited and it was great. Naomi's the only person that we've really approached because she's becoming so eagerly sought after by everybody".

On the cast...

"A lot of the characters are members of the ship's crew and we don't really kind of know who they are because we are going to write the script from scratch again. Once we get started on Kong we get a few months of what I call gentle work because I am writing, having meetings at Weta and looking at designs. It's actually going to be easier. . . (than The Lord of the Rings) the logistics involved don't seem as daunting..."

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