King Kong: In a recent interview with The Chicago Sun Times, Lord Of The Rings director, Peter Jackson, spoke about how he plans to tackle his next project, a remake of King Kong...

"I've loved 'King Kong' ever since I was a kid and it inspired me to make films. There's a generation of kids now who don't love old films with jerky special FX [effects] and the heightened acting styles of the '30s. That's why I wanted to do a new 'Kong,' " he says.
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As for some insider know-how, Jackson says he will "approach 'Kong' in a very similar way to how I approached 'Lord of the Rings.' You take a property, whether it is an old film or a beloved old book, and you just simply have a vision for it in your mind. You can see the movie and get excited about it all over again."

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.