The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King:Empire Online's recent Return Of The King preview has director Peter Jackson talking about his inspiration for the 3rd Lord Of The Rings film which is to be released on December 17th:

'We've gone through two entire movies and six hours of exposition,' is director Peter Jackson's take on Return of the King, 'Now we get three hours of pay-off.' RELATED: Elijah Wood Confirms That One Lord of the Rings Orc Was Designed After Harvey Weinstein

'I've come to realise that the third film is the reason why you make the first two,' he goes on to say. 'You want to get to this one, you want to finish it. Also, when Film Three is released you get this other dynamic - at that point it will probably become in most people's minds, a nine-hour film.'

Other members of the team were equally happy to tell the magazine about the gob-smacking scenes you can expect to be ripping across your multiplex screen come December. 'If Helm's Deep was an epic battle unlike anything seen in cinema before, the battle at Minas Tirith is ten times that, ' raves Weta Digital Effects Supervisor Richard Taylor, 'In the case of Helm's Deep we had 10,000 Uruk-hai fighting 150 Elves, and with Rohan we are talking about 200,000 Orcs going up against the city. The numbers are exponentially increasing.'