The Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King: After winning best director at this year's Director's Guild Awards, Lord Of The Rings director, Peter Jackson, talked briefly about what to expect from the extended version of Return of the King to Entertainment Weekly...

There are scenes that were cut from the finished film. Will we see them on DVD? RELATED: Filming The Lord of the Rings TV Show Has Been a Mind-Blowing Experience for Star Morfydd Clark

We have an hour of footage we shot for ''Return of the King'' that we didn't put in the movie. I'm going to work on an extended DVD version, though I don't think all of that will make it in because the pacing would be really weird. But there's some good stuff that's not in the book. We did a funny scene between Gimli and Legolas having a drinking competition which I really quite liked, but we felt [it was too comedic] at a point when we wanted to set up the tension of the story. And there's a sequence of Sam and Frodo disguised as orcs where they end up in the orc army for a while.

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Brian B.