The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King:USA Today got word directly from Peter Jackson on the latest plans for the release of The Return of the King on DVD...

Director Peter Jackson just edited the four-hour, 10-minute longer cut, due in November. The theatrical version will arrive in May or June. RELATED: Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Series First Look Arrives as Release Date Is Announced

Speaking from his hotel in Los Angeles, the Kiwi was in a splendid mood, despite a lack of Oscar nominations for his cast. "Sean (Astin, who plays hobbit Sam) was our chance at it. There were other great performances, but his was the name we were praying to hear this morning."

He enjoyed his first Golden Globes ceremony, where King went four for four with wins. Save for one discovery: New Zealand is left off the globe portion of his statue. "I'll have a quiet word with them."