Rumors have been running rampant around the internet that Peter Jackson will be announcing casting news for The Hobbit, but it seems that won't be the case. Empire caught up with Jackson who said they aren't quite ready to announce who will play Bilbo Baggins in the film.

"No, we won't be announcing Bilbo for a little while," he said when we asked about a Comic-Con announcement. "We're starting to think about casting, but we're knee-deep in the script right now. And when we do go to actors, they're probably going to ask to see a script, so we're powering ahead with getting the first draft done."
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It was rumored that Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy and David Tennant were in the running for the role, but it seems that talk might be a bit premature. The site also asked him what his next directorial plans are after The Lovely Bones.

"I haven't yet decided what I'll be directing after that. At the moment we're concentrating on writing a couple of little movies with Guillermo [Del Toro]. A couple of small films! (Laughs) And that's going to take us another few months of writing to do.

"But we are developing a couple of projects which are potentially films that I'd direct for next year. Temeraire is still on the cards. But those are really taking a second place at the moment..."

Tenemaire is an adaptation of Naomi Novik's fantasy novel series that revolves around English and French armies fighting in the Napoleonic wars with dragons.