According to Variety, Peter Jackson is shopping his latest script for The Lovely Bones around town. The film is a big screen version of Alice Sebold's best seller of the same name. It will be a more low-key project for the director after having tackled the epic The Lord Of The Rings series and King Kong.

The story revolves around a young girl tracing steps back through her own murder. Jackson co-wrote the screenplay with his partners Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh, both of which collaborated with him on all three LOTR films. Without a studio partner already attached, Jackson and his team have been able to work on the project at their own pace.

Because of the on-going legal dispute between New Line and Jackson's own Wingnut Films, Bob Shaye's studio has been left out in the cold. This news comes as no big shocker to anyone who has followed the story. Jackson and Shaye have been in a fued over LOTR royalties for quite some time now. The dispute has kept Jackson away from directing a Rings follow-up entitled The Hobbit for New Line.

So far, the studios haven't shown much interest in Peter's script. As of now, bids are still open.