Peter Krause has signed on as the lead in ABC's drama pilot, Dirty Sexy Money.

The show centers on an idealistic lawyer (Krause) who inherits the job of representing a powerful and ethically flexible family after his father dies.

The Hollywood Reporter also notes Miranda Otto is set to star in ABC's Cashmere Mafia. The show revolves around four successful female executives; Otto will play one of them, a top marketing executive for a cosmetics giant.

Kim Raver will star in the drama pilot, Lipstick Jungle; it's about a group of powerful New York women.

In other major pilot-casting news, British actor Lloyd Owen has landed the lead in CBS' Viva Laughlin. The show is a musical based on BBC's Viva Blackpool! about a family man (Owen) who dreams of opening a casino in Laughlin, Nevada.

Ron Eldard has been hired as the lead in CBS' drama Demons; it centers on an ex-Jesuit priest/psychologist (Eldard) who performs exorcisms.

Josh Cooke has joined CBS' untitled Barry Schindel drama; it revolves around a group of public defenders.

Monica Potter has come aboard CBS' drama, Protect and Serve.

Additionally, Rutger Hauer is set to star in the CW's untitled South Africa project. The show centers on a widowed New York vet who moves his second wife (Judith Hoag) and their blended family to South Africa, where he butts heads with his former father-in-law (Hauer), who is opinionated, self-righteous, cranky and very alone.

Moon Bloodgood has been cast in the NBC drama pilot, Journeyman; it's about a man (Kevin McKidd) who travels back in time.

Also, Lana Parrilla has joined the CBS' drama pilot Swingtown about the 1970s married suburban couples practicing partner-swapping.