It has been 25 years since the world was first introduced to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in that time the characters have appeared in comic books, cartoons, three live-action films and one CGI film - and now there will be a new live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film in 2011. Peter Laird spoke to MTV about what we might expect to see in the film.

"I can say that at this point there are a lot of positive feelings about a Batman Begins-style 'reboot,' which would, of necessity, include a retelling of the Turtles' origin story," Laird said. However, he wasn't ruling out the possibility of a new story. "Having said that, I would also be into an all-new story, if it was decided that that was a more desirable direction. Either way is fine with me, to be honest!"

So, if we're talking reboot, that means we might see revamped versions of reporter April O'Neil, vigilante ally to the Turtles, Casey Jones, and the villainous Shredder. But Laird has also said that he wouldn't mind seeing some other elements from the TMNT comics brought in too. "I would not be unhappy to somehow see the tale of Baxter Stockman and the robotic 'mousers' folded into this movie, as well as some elements possibly setting up the TCRI connection for a possible sixth (or seventh) movie. But I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself there."

Laird also offered an explanation for the plan for how to mix live-action filming and CGI to bring the most realistic Turtles yet to the screen. "The basic idea, as I understand it, is to do an all live action shoot, with actors and stuntmen in full Turtle suits," said Laird. "To add expressiveness to the Turtles' faces which would be difficult if not impossible to get with animatronics and/or puppetry, there would be 'face replacement,' with CGI Turtle faces superimposed on the live action performers' heads."

"This technology has been proven to be incredibly effective if done correctly," added Laird. "Look at the character of Davey Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, with his mass of writhing tentacles... an incredible effect."