Star Wars: Episode has transcribed some of the latest issue of the UK's LOK magazine which interview Peter Mayhew who played 'Chewbacca' in the past Star Wars films and is gearing up for the next film. Here's what he had to say.

WARNING! Spoilers could be contained ahead!

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In the interview, Peter Mayhew is asked many questions about being on the set of the original trilogy and how he felt working with big actors such as Harrison Ford, Mr. Luke Skywalker himself and even R2D2. But later on in the article, Robin Hail brings up the topic of the prequel trilogy and how it has affected the original trilogy. Episode III is mentioned in the article.

On page 49, Robin Hail asked Peter Mayhew how he felt about the prequel trilogy and Episode III in particular since Chewbacca will make his silver-screen return. Peter replied, "I am very pleased with Episodes 1 and 2. George Lucas is doing a remarkable job. However, Lucas assures me that Episode 3 with far surpass the other two in both action and story and from some of the pages I have read from the Episode III script, I certainly believe him." Later he goes on to say, "As you know, none of the actors get the full script of Episode III, but they do get the pages for what scene they are working on. Therefore, I have not read the full script yet, just a few pages with my character."

After Peter talked about Episode III's script, Robin asked Peter on the role that Chewbacca will play. I liked what Peter said. Peter replied, "I was told by George Lucas that I would be playing a large part in the story including the delivering of two twin babies and playing a role in a major battle scene that involves many war machines. Sadly, I have not read those sequences of the script yet."

After a small bit of Robin comparing the Original trilogy to the Prequel trilogy, she asked Peter how well he liked the parts of the script that he had seen. Peter says, "Again, I haven't really seen the complete script. Lucas only gives us copies for that days shooting. But from what I've seen, it looks good. Of course, I really don't have any lines (he laughs). Lucas has really changed his writing style from back when he wrote the original trilogy. He is much bolder and willing to push the envelope in both settings and dialogue. In fact, the opening action scene involving many Wookiees takes place on one of the many new planets seen in this movie."