Star Wars: Episode III: In a recent scoop sent into The, Peter Mayhew, who plays 'Chewbacca' in the Star Wars films, gave away some spoiler material about the new film: Warning: Spoilers May Be Ahead!

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I attended the Walt Disney Star Wars Weekend at MGM Studios, Orlando, on Sunday the 8th of June. The celebrity guests were Jeremy Bullock and Peter Mayhew. At 2pm they had a 'Questions and Answers' session with the two stars. About 200 people attended inside the ABC on-site cinema. Anyway, out of this session came this very VERY interesting piece of info from Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca in EP3).

He confirmed he will be returning as Chewbacca. The interviewer, whos name was Brian Stone I believe, pushed Mayhew a little further into what Chewies role will be in Episode 3. Mayhew seemed pretty uncomfortable at that point, sitting forward in his chair. In a much quieter voice he announced to the audience, and this is almost a straight quote as me and my partner remember it, "Chewbacca rescues and delivers the two children to Ben Kenobi". He then sat back in his chair and refused to commit any more.

So I hope this is of some interest to you. And as we wondered the park that afternoon, one thing seemed to back up Mayhews info. Chewbacca and Obi-Wan Kenobi seem to already know each other in the Cantina in A New Hope. Perhaps this falls into place? What other reason would Chewie be in EP3 if not to show a connection to Kenobi?