Peter Paige will direct the indie drama Sex Crime Panic for Funny Boy Films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

David A. Lee and Daniel Vaillancourt adapted the screenplay from Neil Miller's book "Sex-Crime Panic: A Journey to the Paranoid Heart of the 1950s." The film will explore the sordid true history of the hysteria that led to the incarceration of a group of men in a mental hospital for being gay.

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" 'Sex Crime Panic' recounts an important part of our history," Tibbels said. "Most people have no idea the extent to which thousands of men were rounded up, arrested and thrown into prison or insane asylums for being gay."

Paige adds: "We're thinking of this film in the vein of Capote, Milk and Girl, Interrupted. It's an intense, dramatic exploration of a dark period in our history."

Production is set to begin in mid-2010.